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Literature Grade 7 Short Stories

Literature Grade 7 Short StoriesGenre/Topic:

The last leaf
The monkey’s paw
The open window
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Literature Grade 4 Classic

Literature Grade 4 ClassicGenre/Topic:

Mowgli Continue reading “Literature Grade 4 Classic” »

Literature Grade 2 Nepal special

Literature Grade 2 Nepal specialGenre/Topic:

Aruna Lama
Gai Jatra
Parrot learning Continue reading “Literature Grade 2 Nepal special” »

Literature Grade 8 Nonfiction Anaesthesia

Literature Grade 8 Nonfiction AnaesthesiaGenre/Topic:

Describe the situation of operations before anaesthesia.
What remarkable incident happened after Crawford Long had attended the ether party?
According to the General Hospital patient brochure, how many types of anaesthesia are used today? Write few lines about each of them.
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Literature Grade 2 Myths and legends Indra’s pride

Literature Grade 2 Myths and legends Indra’s prideGenre/Topic:

Who is known as the god of rain?
Who brought fruits and juice for the gods?
Where did Indra’s teacher live?
Who attacked Indra’s palace?
What did Indra realise? Continue reading “Literature Grade 2 Myths and legends Indra’s pride” »

Literature Grade 7 Inspirational Building Principles

Literature Grade 7 Inspirational Building PrinciplesGenre/Topic:

The next time you look in the mirror, say something positive about yourself.
Sometime soon, find a quiet place where you can be alone. Think about what matters most to you.
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Literature Grade 2 Non-fiction What does a good neighbour do?

Literature Grade 2 Non-fiction What does a good neighbour do?Genre/Topic:

What does a good neighbour say?
What makes a job easier?
What can be fun?
Is it nice to smile? Continue reading “Literature Grade 2 Non-fiction What does a good neighbour do?” »

Literature Grade 8 Science Fiction Time Machine

Literature Grade 8 Science Fiction Time MachineGenre/Topic:

What caused pain in the time traveller’s eyes?
What were the changes that occur as the Time Traveller pressed the lever over to its furthest position?
Why was the Time Traveller nervous?
What did the Time Traveller notice after the speed dials on the machine went round faster and faster?
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Literature Grade 5 Non-fiction

Literature Grade 5 Non-fictionGenre/Topic:

Kids collect
Trip to Mahendra cave
Looking at the moon
A stonehenge : a riddle Continue reading “Literature Grade 5 Non-fiction” »

Literature Grade 5 Nepal special

Literature Grade 5 Nepal specialGenre/Topic:

Reap as you sow
The hill of flaming lotus
Mahavir Pun Continue reading “Literature Grade 5 Nepal special” »

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